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Control over numbers and financial information has come to play an ever-increasing role in the life and future of businesses.

DSA is a true partner to a great number of high-growth small and medium businesses, helping them to keep and revise their accounts, and providing assistance with personnel management (eg hiring, dismissal, payroll, labor law). For each of our services, DSA provides quality and innovative methods to take the best decisions, control uncertainty and anticipate change.




The DSA advantage a service dedicated to guiding French subsidiaries of foreign groups.


This very specific expertise, linked to membership in the internationla networks, enables DSA to assist French subsidiaries of multinational groups with their accounting, tax, labor law and reporting needs.


Jean-Luc Sfez, Partner


Mickaël Lorieul, Partner


Pascal Noël, Partner


Philippe Atton, Partner



Tél: +33 1 55 65 15 55


Gérard Bergaglia
Manager of the company BONZINI


"DSA was by our side during all the stages of our industrial development: public accounting of our company, financial statements and reviews, support with specific issues. You don’t change a winning team and so Bonzini will continue to trust DSA."

Isabelle Roche

CEO of BOÎTE 2 PROD (An Endemol company)

"We especially appreciate the way they have integrally handled our personnel management system. We are also very satisfied with their treatment of complex labor issues and with the availability and professionalism of their labor law experts" 

Roger Hayat
SPIC Group


"Our group has a dozen companies to which DSA provides not only reliable technical support but also comprehensive expertise (financial, legal, tax) on every major question."

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