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In the field of statutory auditing, DSA is present throughout France in a wide range of market sectors. DSA assures you of the regularity of your accounts and published financial data.

On this highly competitive market, our group has developed a range of services and technological solutions dedicated to the special needs of small to medium businesses and industries (some of which are listed), as well as to those of mutual funds and their management companies.

DSA’s ambition is to provide small and medium businesses with the thoroughness and quality of the best practices in the field. In fact, our partners trained at leading international auditing and consulting firms including the famous "big four".

Our audit approach, specifically adapted to SMB's, is divided into four main phases:

  • Understanding the risks specific to your business

  • Analyzing internal controls

  • Conducting our verification process

  • Examining published financial information and rendering our official opinion


A range of services devoted to private equity funds

Key to the financing or development of enterprises, private equity funds have been booming recently. DSA supports private equity funds with realism and reactivity, providing a team specialized in acquisition and vendor due diligence who can adapt to the fund’s specific operations and needs.


The DSA advantage The DSA advantage: our audit team can also perform other statutory duties such as audits of capital contributions and mergers, various certificates (eg equity certificate) and contractual audits for specific operations (eg M&A, transfers, IPO)


Jean-Luc Sfez, Partner


Benjamin Zeitoun, Partner



Tél: +33 1 55 65 15 55


Eric Mesnil
President Everest Marketing Group

"I appreciate DSA’s thoroughness as well as their emphasis on dialogue and working closely with us" 

Jean-Pierre Léger

Partner  Alliance Entreprendre

"I appreciate everything DSA does to help us with our work on due diligence." 

François Billard
Secretary General Entrepose Contracting


"Our group appreciated the availability and the reactivity of DSA to help us to conclude our external growth operation. The multi-field approach and IFRS and acquisition due diligence skills were a significant asset”.

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