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Our business areas


DSA Group's range of services covers the main issues that a manager may encounter.


DSA has become a valuable partner for small and medium enterprises to manage and audit their accounts along with all the services relative to the personnel management (recruitment, lay-off, payroll, social security declaration,...)


Delegated management


DSA offers entrepreneurs continuous, high-value-added assistance with general management and/or finance, for as long as necessary to achieve growth, takeover or turn-around projects.



In the field of statutory auditing, DSA is present throughout France in a wide range of market sectors. DSA assures you of the regularity of your accounts and published financial data.




DSA develops close working relationships with small and medium size businesses to help them optimize their potential, make their organizations more reliable, boost performance and adjust to regulatory, economic and labor parameters.


+33 1 55 65 15 55
Corporate Finance


The challenge of matching increasingly complex operations with the right financial resources. DSA is by your side with expertise in mergers, acquisitions and financing honed with many industrial and commercial groups as well as with investment funds.




The multidisciplinary approach offers our clients serious added value, and time saving and a long-term partnership. DSA Group's range of services covers the main issues that a manager may encounter... Plus, Our long standing experience has enabled us to build up close relationships with major players: investment funds, lawyers, bankers,... 

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