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DSA develops close working relationships with small and medium size businesses to help them optimize their potential, make their organizations more reliable, boost performance and adjust to regulatory, economic and labor parameters.


DSA is a highly efficient, multi-skilled organization with a proven track record in SMB affairs. Flexible, multi-disciplinary teams work transversally to provide each entrepreneur with reliable solutions tailored to their needs.


DSA has long guided companies in their development and helped them to successfully manage change. DSA offers high-value-added services in a number of fields of expertise:

  • Strategy and organization

  • Internal control

  • Post-merger guidance

  • Overhaul of accounting systems

  • Arbitration

  • Prevention and fraud

  • Restructuring

  • Internal risk control

  • Company governance

  • Consolidation support

  • Assistance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

  • Reconciliation tools for analytic accounting

  • Training

  • Transfer pricing

  • Rapid closing

  • Outsourcing of internal audits

  • Measurement of performance…



Jean-Luc Sfez, Partner


Benjamin Zeitoun, Partner



Tél: +33 1 55 65 15 55


Chantal Barry

Euromédia Télévision -  SFP


"We need consultants who can measure the risks but who are determined to help us move ahead.” 

Laurent Laclos

Director Irié

"In the worlds of fashion and creation, we need a special contact whom we can trust to listen to our special needs." 

Gordon Waldron

Novexel (Spin off d'Aventis)


"I needed to quickly set up a task force to analyse my company’s internal audit. DSA’s professionals drove the project and allowed me, thanks to their experience, to achieve my goals within the time limit”.

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