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DSA Group

Entrepreneurs in the service of entrepreneurs since 1981

Strategist by vocation, DSA supports small and medium size businesses (SMB) entrepreneurs with specially adapted expertise and services.

Commitment and confidence are our bywords. Founded in 1981, we at DSA listen to entrepreneurs to provide them with the business services that they really need. Our independence, human size, and creativity ensure the effectiveness, anticipation and added value that small and medium enterprises demand.


Responding effectively means not only cultivating and reinforcing our traditional fields of expertise – auditing, public accounting and consulting – but also continually developing high-value-added services: corporate finance, delegated management, legal and tax. Whenever necessary, DSA can call on a network of top-notch specialist partners.

Our permanent commitment to added value naturally leads our associates to adapt to each client’s unique needs and ways of operating.

We offer creative solutions. We develop a pragmatic overview of the specific issues the business faces and then propose coherent solutions that take the economic and regulatory contexts into account.

We help you be proactive. We have always come up with innovated solutions, providing the client with just the right services at just the right time.

It’s up to us to prove to you, day after day in the field, that we know how to work side by side with you to help you achieve your projects.

Your success is our priority!

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