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Gérard Bergaglia
Manager of the company BONZINI

"DSA was by our side during all the stages of our industrial development: public accounting of our company, financial statements and reviews, support with specific issues. You don’t change a winning team and so Bonzini will continue to trust DSA."

Isabelle Roche

CEO of BOÎTE 2 PROD (An Endemol company)

"We especially appreciate the way they have integrally handled our personnel management system. We are also very satisfied with their treatment of complex labor issues and with the availability and professionalism of their labor law experts" 

Roger Hayat
SPIC Group


"Our group has a dozen companies to which DSA provides not only reliable technical support but also comprehensive expertise (financial, legal, tax) on every major question."


Eric Mesnil
President Everest Marketing Group

"I appreciate DSA’s thoroughness as well as their emphasis on dialogue and working closely with us" 

Jean-Pierre Léger

Partner  Alliance Entreprendre

"I appreciate everything DSA does to help us with our work on due diligence." 

François Billard
Secretary General Entrepose Contracting


"Our group appreciated the availability and the reactivity of DSA to help us to conclude our external growth operation. The multi-field approach and IFRS and acquisition due diligence skills were a significant asset”.

Corporate Finance

Docteur Chiche
Geffroy Saint-Hilaire Clinic

"The head of an organization can need outside help validating the worth of key projects." 

Hervé Racine

Roc Eclerc Group

"Those who have been there know how hard it can be, negotiating with the seller, negotiating with stake holders, negotiating with banks for the debt,and so on. All this was largely facilitated to us thanks to the true partnership with DSA Group."

Delegated management

François Barroussel


"I value DSA’s capacity to quickly help us find solutions for both our technical and human issues."


Chantal Barry

Euromédia Télévision -  SFP


"We need consultants who can measure the risks but who are determined to help us move ahead.” 

Laurent Laclos

Director Irié

"In the worlds of fashion and creation, we need a special contact whom we can trust to listen to our special needs." 

Gordon Waldron

Novexel (Spin off d'Aventis)


"I needed to quickly set up a task force to analyse my company’s internal audit. DSA’s professionals drove the project and allowed me, thanks to their experience, to achieve my goals within the time limit”.

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